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Since its founding in 2019, Oobuk's audience has grown to 5 mn unique visitors per month
1 Billion
Oobuk currently has 1 mn active ads worth over $1 bn
In classified platforms in three major markets
Classified apps in Bangladesh, Canada, and United States
Marketplace in major categories (Vehicles, Real estate, Fashion, Mobile Phones, Electronics)
Fraud is less than 1% as a result of the advanced security system
In 2020 Oobuk acquired its main competitor Koyki. The deal has provided access to 300 mn people and paved the way to build the best classified marketplace.
6 Years
Has secured several funding rounds and invested six years into gaining leadership in Bangladesh

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“Great app- I posted my bike for sale. Got great response and sold it.”
John Hill
“Great app- I posted my bike for sale. Got great response and sold it."
James Dean
“I sold my old skateboard in two days. Got great response make sure to give it a try."
Hillary Rice
“Great app for marketing you product for free rather spending money on other paid platform."
Rodrigo Alonso
“Great app- Sell your unwanted stuff quick and fast for free. Great app for marketing"
Julia Michelle
“I posted my car for sale. Got buyer and sold it. Got great response and got it very quickly."
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Mila Jackson

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